Ultra-fast charge battery

Air Energy has developed an energy storage system that satisfies ultra-high power demand in a scale of several kWh. The requirements for this energy storage system are based on the ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles that have been installed in Europe since 2016. In addition to the high performance this energy storage should have a high cyclic life and intrinsic safety. Based on this specifications, an energy storage for an electric vehicle was developed in 2018 that meets and even exceeds the requirements of ultra-fast charging technology.

Begin of 2019, the battery was tested on a test bench at RWTH Aachen University and charged with 300 kW. During the test, the battery was charged to a state of charge of 90% within 90 seconds. The mean cell temperature raised in this test just under 10 K. This was with deactivated cooling system. Using the water cooling circuit of the battery, the heat loss can be dissipated within short time and thus allows operation with cyclically consecutive ultra-fast charging and high-performance discharges. This battery technology offers an excellent alternative to supercaps for buffering high power pulse loads combined with quick charging.

Technical data ultra-fast charge battery

Maximum battery voltage:

913 V

Charge power:

400 kW

Charging Time at 300 kW:

1 ½ Minutes (90 % SoC)


300 kW Ladung