AIR ENERGY was founded in 1992 as a development-oriented company with the aim to develop and build a man-carrying, purely electrically-powered motor glider. Upon successful completion of this project, Air Energy focused on the Li-Ion battery market emerging at the turn of the century, while starting collaboration with a Korean cell manufacturer. In 2004, our Li-Ion battery system was first used to power an electric boat. In the following years, we developed batteries for hybrid or pure electric road vehicles, robotics, autonomous underwater vehicles, and many other applications.


1997 Our first project, a self-launching electric glider takes off for the first time with NiCd batteries

2003 Entry into the Li-Ion technology market with the development of the first battery management system

2004 Delivery of the first Li-Ion battery system for an electric boat (220V / 40kWh)

2005 Delivery of the first battery for an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

2006 Delivery of the first battery for a hybrid vehicle (620V / 87kWh)

2006 Start of cooperation (cooperation agreement) with Solar Impulse as a specialised partner for the traction battery of the solar-powered aircraft

2008 Delivery of first traction batteries for the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse I project

2015 First flight of the eCavalon with a batterysystem developed by Air Energy

2016 Complete circumnavigation of the world by the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse II with batteries from Air Energy

2017 Expansion and move into the 3rd floor at Zollamstraße 10

2017 Development and construction of two battery systems for the aerobatic aircraft Siemens Extra 330LE

2018 Delivery of HV-batteries for the electric aircraft Siemens Extra 330LE

2018 Series start of 150 air-cooled power batteries for vertical launch aircraft (EVTOL)

2018 Completion of two water-cooled batteries with an output of 1 MW

2018 First automotive battery for charging at ultra fast charging stations (300 kW)

2018 First fast charge of the automotive battery with a charge time of 1 ½ minutes to an SoC of 90 %