AUV Projects

The development and delivery of Li-Ion batteries for AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) is one of our major focus areas. This development line also includes other applications such as pipeline pigs and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles).

Low weight and minimised volume are essential to underwater applications. To adjust batteries to the diameter of pressure tubes, Air Energy commissioned the development of high-energy Li-Ion pouch cells to a reputable cell manufacturer. Using these cells, we could implement especially light, cuboid-shaped high-energy batteries in pressure tubes with 240-420 mm inner diameter. For AUV projects, where optimal space utilisation is a must, Air Energy developed a modular system consisting of round cells, which can be adapted with the highest packing density to a wide range of diameters. Both variants allow system-related energy densities exceeding 160 Wh / kg.
Our AUV batteries deliver 10 years of experience in dealing with safety and reliability requirements in the water and on deck. The first AUV-specific battery was delivered in 2005. By 2014, the team of Air Energy had developed, built and delivered traction batteries for 10 different types of AUV.

Realised example project 1

AUV for median diving depth

Pressure tube: 420 mm

Capacity: up to  25 kWh (at 1 meter length)

Realised example project  2

AUV for deep sea applications

Pressure tube: 240 mm

Capacity: up to 11 kWh (at 1 meter length)