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The AE-1 electric self-launching sailplane maximizes flying fun, while minimizing ground time. The result of 6 years  of development, the AE-1 is an easy to handle and extremely reliable high performance Sailplane, but at a very reasonable price. The  AE-1 was type-certified as Ultra-Light aircraft in Germany in May 1998.

Advanced technologies and composite materials  are used throughout the AE-1. The result is a sharp looking glider that can be quickly assembled by one person, yet provides great  performance. The exceptional maneuverability makes even weak or narrow thermals fun to fly in. Negative flaperons offer additional  high speed performance to exceed your expectations.

Can an electric propulsion system provide sufficient power for self-launch to a releasable altitude? Absolutely! At maximum take-off weight, the AE-1 climbs to well over 600 m (2000 feet) in less than five minutes, and can launch from very short fields. When a comfortable altitude is reached, the 13 kW / 17 Hp engine  retracts in a few seconds. Need a little more altitude? No problem!  The engine deploys within seconds, providing a worry-free recovery  boost.

The AE-1 is the ultimate Plug and Play machine.  Electric propulsion is incredibly quiet, clean and reliable, and  is virtually maintenance-free. There is no worry about stale gasoline,  clogged or iced carburetors or "tweaking" complex engine components.  With the automatic charger, you can focus on preparation for your  next flight.